Interested in a parking space exchange????

Posted By on November 22, 2016

Dear Summerhouse Residents,

 Many owners may not know that there is an agreement form to exchange their parking space with another homeowner.  It is available as part of your Community Handbook.

 Currently there is homeowner who has a deeded parking space outside the garage.  It is one of the only 2 deeded spaces at the property.  It is space number R-70 and it is at the end of the west side guest parking.  Currently Management is awaiting the approved signage to be delivered and installed to indicate that the space (along with space R-69) is Reserved Parking.

Mrs. Kicklighter has requested that Management make it be known that she would be interested in speaking with any owner who currently has a garage deeded space that would entertain the idea of exchanging spaces.  If you have a garage deeded space that you would like to exchange for the outdoor deeded space, please contact Management and we can put you in touch with Mrs. Kicklighter to discuss further.

Another alternative that Mrs. Kicklighter is interested in is to find out if any homeowner who does not currently use both of their garage spaces would like to speak further about the possibility of renting out their garage space that they are not using.  The Kicklighters live on the property and perhaps owners who use their property as a second home may be interested in entertaining the idea of renting an indoor garage parking space if it is not in use.

 If you have any questions and are interested in exploring this parking exchange; exchange for/or rent of a garage space for an outdoor space, please contact Management.

 This is also a great option for owners who are at the west lagoon side of the property; this outdoor space may end up being closer to your doorstep than your current garage space!

 Thank you.


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