Trash and party area at lagoon; call the Carlsbad Police to issue incident reports

Posted By on April 3, 2017

Dear Summerhouse Residents,

An owner has sent the following account and information to Management and requested it be circulated to the community regarding:  TRASH AND PARTY AREA AT THE LAGOON.

Please read below for information and instruction on how to proceed with proper reporting of incidents.

The owner called the Carlsbad Police Department to issue a complaint about garbage in the lagoon and around the dam at the end of the lagoon.  This area has become a “party spot” for teenagers who throw beer cans and garbage all over the area, even though there is a garbage barrel 5 feet away.  The police are going to increase their patrols of this area.

The Police Dispatcher informed the owner to advise anyone who sees drinking and littering on the lagoon/beach area to call the police immediately so that they can address the situation as it is happening.

DO NOT CONFRONT THE OFFENDING GROUP; call the police and the Carlsbad Police will address the situation.  The Carlsbad Police are very responsive and will be there promptly after they are called.

Carlsbad Police phone number is 760-931-2197.

This “party area” is a beautiful area where the lagoon meets the ocean and it is being destroyed by a few irresponsible people.  The Summerhouse Community can work to help report incidents so that the Carlsbad Police can work towards a resolution.

Summerhouse Residents; Please call the Carlsbad Police if you see people drinking and littering around the beautiful lagoon/beach area.  The Carlsbad Police Dispatcher assures that they will take care of this problem that is happening every few days and this “party activity” will increase during summertime if it is not addressed now.  Additionally, please share this information with your neighbors and other individuals living in surrounding homes and communities.

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