East Gate

Posted By on June 11, 2019

Here is a heads up regarding our east garage door gate.  Part of the track has broken and has to be ordered.  The power to the door has been turned off so we don’t burn out the motor.  I will update you on repair date when I receive it.  Be sure to lock your cars since the gate will remain open.

Other items:

Pedestrian entry gates are being left open.  Make sure you close them properly.  Do not slam them shut.  They do not self close.  Pass this on to any renters.

Keep pool toys, towels, wet suits, boogie boards, surfboards, etc. in your storage, not on your patio.  Refer to page 10, 2.12 in your Community Handbook.  Pass this on to any renters.

Please review the community rules and regs.  Pass this on to any renters.

Thanks and let’s have a nice summer,

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