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Keeping a tidy refuse area

Summerhouse Residents,

An important reminders to please break down your boxes before depositing into the refuse area dumpster:


Management would like to remind the community to please be sure and break down any large boxes and deposit them into the community dumpster for refuse collection.  There are several reasons why resident compliance is critical to the maintenance and safety of the refuse area.

  • Boxes need to be broken down so that all trash can fit in the dumpster properly
  • Boxes need to be broken down so that the refuse area is kept orderly so that people may enter to dispose of waste properly
  • Boxes need to be broken down so that they are disposed of on the collection days and not left behind
  • Boxes need to be broken down because if they are not and the refuse company does actually haul the extra trash away, they charge an additional fee to the association.
Date Posted: August 30, 2016

Rules Reminders and Updates

Dear Summerhouse Residents,


Please note that the following pet rules are in place at Summerhouse.  Please be sure you are in compliance with these rules in order to preserve the appearance and integrity of the Community.


Pet Rules Reminders

Leashes. Pets must be kept in a pet carrier or on a leash held by a person capable of controlling the animal in any portion of the Association Property, including but not limited to the elevator, pool & spa area, common areas and garage, at all times.


Waste. No pet owner shall allow his or her pet to deposit fecal matter or urinate within any portion of the Association Property or other portions of the Community. Waste must be put in a tightly sealed plastic bag before being disposed of. No cat litter may be flushed or otherwise released into the Building’s plumbing. Any pet waste deposited in the trash bins must be tightly sealed in a PLASTIC bag. Using paper bags to dispose of any pet waste is strictly prohibited.


Unattended Pets. Pets must not be left outside unattended on balconies. Pets must be kept within the Residence when the Resident is away or cannot attend to them. Barking dogs on Exclusive Use Easement Areas, or inside a Residence, or any other excessively noisy animal that disturbs the quiet enjoyment of any other Resident will not be tolerated. Pets shall not be allowed to defecate or urinate on balconies, terraces or patios.


Security Update

Please also note that the access gates around the perimeter of the property that were in process of being secured, were secured this week.  Thank you for your patience!


Please contact Management with any questions you may have at

Date Posted: May 20, 2016

Proudly Managed by Action Property Management

Action Property Management is excited to begin this relationship with Summerhouse and its homeowners.

For more information about Action Property Management, please visit our website at

Thank you!

Date Posted: September 15, 2015
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